Non-compromising standards of database security.

Maintaining security of a cardholder data is vital for establishing and preserving your customer’s trust and protecting your business from financial liabilities. Wise Solutions is fully PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) Level 1 compliant to meet the international standards of data protection.  These standards cover cardholder data protection, network security, anti-fraud technologies, monitoring and restriction access to customer data and detecting threats. 


Tokenization protects sensitive data, such as credit card details, from hackers and cyber-attacks, by substituting it with a set of unique symbols, known as a token. These identification symbols retain all the essential information for quick retrieval, without compromising the security of cardholder’s data. Tokenization is a vital tool for businesses to strengthen the security of financial transactions, while minimizing costs and complying with industry standards and local government regulations.    

Prepaid cards – Simply a Safer Way to Pay.

When it comes to finances, safety is priceless. Knowing that you are protected with a whole range of security tools and features when using your card, gives you confidence and peace of mind. Whether you are shopping in store or online, making transactions or withdrawing cash, your payment network has you covered.

All-inclusive Coverage

We use multi-layered security to prevent unauthorized transactions:

EMV chip technology prevents fraudsters to access and duplicate your personal information. When you use a card with an embedded microchip, dynamic data is created, making each transaction unique and impossible and virtually non-replicable.   

ATM PIN, included with all our prepaid cards is your personal access code you will be using each time you need to withdraw cash. In the event you suspect that you PIN may have been disclosed to unauthorized parties, contact us immediately for PIN replacement.

Safer than cash

If you lose cash, in most cases it will be impossible to recover. Therefore, carrying large sums of money is never recommended. Prepaid cards provide a convenient alternative to using cash on daily basis or when travelling. In the event that your card is lost or stolen, call our terminal 24/7 or log into your personal account to terminate access immediately.

You Play a Role

We appreciate your help in keeping your money safe. While we do our utmost best to protect your money and information with technology, you can take the following simple steps to prevent unauthorized transactions:

  • Always keep your PIN separate from the card. We do not recommend saving your PIN in your mobile device or written on paper.
  • Promptly repost theft, loss or any suspected unauthorized use of your card.
  • Keep a track of your transactions using your online account


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