Prepaid Mastercard

Q. What is a prepaid card?

A. A prepaid card can be loaded with money by you or someone else and used as a debit card, but without a bank account, interest and credit advancing.

Q. Are prepaid cards accepted internationally?

A. Yes, prepaid cards can be used at over 29 million locations accepting Mastercard worldwide. ATM cash withdrawals are also available.    

Q. What currencies are supported?

A. Our prepaid cards support USD, EUR, GDP and NIS (base currency).

Q. Is it safe to use prepaid cards?

A. All our prepaid cards are equipped with the most advanced encryption technology to prevent data theft and / or unauthorized access. Read more

Q. How can I load money onto my card?

A. There’re several ways to load your card: direct cash deposit at participating reload locations, transfer funds from your bank account, other cards or e-wallet or load your employees’ wages directly onto the card.

Q. How much money can I load onto my card?

A. You can load up to NIS 9500 or equivalent in supported currency daily.

Q. Is there a minimum amount I need to load my card with?

A. No, there’s no minimum balance.

Q. Can I withdraw cash with my prepaid card?

A. Yes, you can withdraw cash using ATM machines worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted.   

Q. What do I need to do if my card is lost or stolen?

A. In case of loss of theft, you can either call us on ____ 24/7 to block your card or do it yourself online using your personal account. Please be advised that we recommend never to keep your PIN near the card or save it in your mobile phone.

Q. If my card was stolen and used, will I be liable?

A. Once you report your card lost or stolen, access will be terminated immediately. We offer Zero Liability with all types of our prepaid cards.

Q. Can I pay in installments with prepaid cards?

A. No, installments are not available. Prepaid card cards work in the same way as debit cards.

Q. When my card will be charged?

A. Your card works much like cash, on “pay as you go “basis. There are no late fees or overdraft charges. 

Q. What if my balance is too low to make a purchase or transaction?

A. You will not be able to make a purchase or transaction if your balance is non-sufficient.

Q. How can I check my balance and track my transactions?

A. You can access your personal account using a secure login to view balance, transactions history and to transfer funds. Please note that some transactions may take up to 3 business days to appear in your account.

Q. Can I access my account on the go?

A. Yes, you can manage your account from phone or tablet.

Q. What types of prepaid cards are available?

A. There are several types of prepaid cards for different purposes. Click here for list of prepaid cards types.


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